FLASH CHROMATOGRAPHY AT AECS                         

Milligram to tonnes per annum are available when using the novel, Gyan Flash Chromatograph which is distributed by AECS

Existing Biotage, Argonaut, Isco etc Flash Chromatography Instrumentation can be simply updated to use Jumbo or EasiFlash pumps, cartridges and solid sample injectors. These innovative, patented Gyan products will often significantly outperform original pumps, cartridges and injectors, are much easier to use and yet are available from AECS at extremely competitive prices


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About Gyan

Gyan Mission

Development and production of innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Gyan is an innovative company with it's R&D laboratories and production facility based in genoa, Italy.

Gyan's main activity is the development and production of innovative solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry.

A highly qualifies team of chemists, electronic and mechanical engineers work together with customers to develop tailored solutions to specific problems.

The new line of Flash Chromatography products was developed as part of this process and a number of patents have been obtained during the development process.

Gyan's mission is to form partnerships with customers and provide solutions for their needs with innovative technologies. Continuous effort is made to improve products and offer customised solutions

With the new line of Flash Chromatography products Gyan have introduced the concept of EasiFlash.

Purification of organic mixtures is one of the most demanding areas of the whole process of discovery of new drugs.

The electronics developed for EasiFlash is a very powerful platform that will permit development of new and innovative solutions in the future.

The instrument design was studied to provide users with the possibility of upgrading their systems.

Powerful software aimed at solving some of the method development problems will soon be available to compliment the Flash Chromatography hardware


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