FLASH CHROMATOGRAPHY AT AECS                         

Milligram to tonnes per annum are available when using the novel, Gyan Flash Chromatograph which is distributed by AECS

Existing Biotage, Argonaut, Isco etc Flash Chromatography Instrumentation can be simply updated to use Jumbo or EasiFlash pumps, cartridges and solid sample injectors. These innovative, patented Gyan products will often significantly outperform original pumps, cartridges and injectors, are much easier to use and yet are available from AECS at extremely competitive prices


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Flash Cartridge Holder

A new patented system to hold flash chromatography cartridges

EasiHolder is a new design to easily mount and dismount flash cartridges. Low cost and ideal for users who want the advantages of using flash cartridges over glass columns or the flexibility of a modular flash system

Easy To Use
Place cartridge in holder
Lower head of holder
Push down on sealing lever

No tightening or finger strength is necessary to enable the system to work at pressures up to 100 psi.

May be used with pressure systems or with EasiPump


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