FLASH CHROMATOGRAPHY AT AECS                         

Milligram to tonnes per annum are available when using the novel, Gyan Flash Chromatograph which is distributed by AECS

Existing Biotage, Argonaut, Isco etc Flash Chromatography Instrumentation can be simply updated to use Jumbo or EasiFlash pumps, cartridges and solid sample injectors. These innovative, patented Gyan products will often significantly outperform original pumps, cartridges and injectors, are much easier to use and yet are available from AECS at extremely competitive prices


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About Gyan

Flash Chromatography Plungers from Gyan

EasiFlash Plungers are designed to be used with Flash Chromatography Cartridges of the SPE cartridge design. In a laboratory with an existing solvent delivery system, EasiPlungers are a low cost and convenient way to create quick and efficient flash separations.

Easi Plungers are quick and easy to use - their unique design enables the plunger to be inserted and fixed in a few seconds and ensures there are no leaks, even with high flow rates.

Different size plungers are available for different SPE Cartridge diameters - 16mm, 20mm, 27mm or 40mm.

The Flash plungers may be used with commercially available cartridges or with self-packed cartridges.

They may also be used for solid sample introduction on any flash chromatography system

The design of the plunger ensures that the barrel is inserted into the cartridge to the top of the packing thus eliminating dead volume and voids in the system.


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