FLASH CHROMATOGRAPHY AT AECS                         

Milligram to tonnes per annum are available when using the novel, Gyan Flash Chromatograph which is distributed by AECS

Existing Biotage, Argonaut, Isco etc Flash Chromatography Instrumentation can be simply updated to use Jumbo or EasiFlash pumps, cartridges and solid sample injectors. These innovative, patented Gyan products will often significantly outperform original pumps, cartridges and injectors, are much easier to use and yet are available from AECS at extremely competitive prices


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About Gyan

EasiFlash Flash Chromatography System 

A new way to perform Flash Chromatography

EasiFlash is more than an instrument, it is a new way to perform Flash Chromatography. Every single part of the sophisticated system was designed to maximise ease of use and reduce the time needed for each purification.

Easy to Use:
EasiFlash is easy to program, the powerful electronics system providing full flexible control.

A novel 4 way valve is used to inject liquid samples:
• This ensures the sample is applied homogeneously onto the top of the cartridge.
• There is no need to stop the pump during sample injection.

• The flow rate is programmable and is suitable for all common cartridges.
• Cartridges of different dimensions can be used with the same holder.
• Patented EasiHolder for easy mounting and dismounting of flash cartridges.
• A 12mm id cartridge holder can be installed in place of the EasiPlunger on the left of the unit — ideal for purifying small amounts of sample

EasiFlash is made of lightweight aluminium and has an integral handle to enable it to be moved easily around the laboratory.

All electrical parts are completely isolated from the liquid path. Only Teflon and stainless steel is in contact with the solvent.

Sample Cartridge System

The Sample Cartridge System is a patented system for introducing low solubility samples or samples not soluble in the mobile phase. It uses standard 20mm SPE type cartridges.

Introduce Solid Samples in 4 Easy Steps...
1. Pre-absorb sample onto some silica
2. Place silica inside cartridge
3. Insert EasiPlunger to top of silica and press down lock
4. Load EasiPlunger onto Flash system and run.

The Sample Cartridge can also be used as a pre-column to increase the life of the separation cartridge.


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