FLASH CHROMATOGRAPHY AT AECS                         

Milligram to tonnes per annum are available when using the novel, Gyan Flash Chromatograph which is distributed by AECS

Existing Biotage, Argonaut, Isco etc Flash Chromatography Instrumentation can be simply updated to use Jumbo or EasiFlash pumps, cartridges and solid sample injectors. These innovative, patented Gyan products will often significantly outperform original pumps, cartridges and injectors, are much easier to use and yet are available from AECS at extremely competitive prices


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About Gyan

Jumbo Flash : Patented Axial & Radial Compression Improves Efficiency And Allows Up To 80g Injections Now..... 250+ g Soon !!!

Unique 360 degree compression allows better resolution and higher sample loading up to 80g depending on the separation

When you need to scale-up and go to larger flash cartridge sizes, it is important to have a system which is easy to use, provides the correct compression and allows easy removal of cartridges after use.

The new patented JumboFlash from Gyan provides all these features plus a variety of columns, pre-columns and solid sample option

Patented Design - 360 degree compression

The JumboFlash system uses a unique patented system to solve the compression problem of larger cartridges. By compressing the cartridge between two stainless steel shells, it is compressed from all directions.

Conventional systems compress either radially or axially, both of which can compromise performance.

The Gyan system maintains the homogeneity of the packing material improving the performance of the cartridge.

Turning the bar on the top of the holder applies an axial compression while the two shells compress the cartridge inwards. The design allows easy removal of the used cartridge after the run even if has swollen

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How it works

Jumbo Flash consists of a cartridge holder, a steel jacket and screw compression mechanism. The solvent and sample inlet is through the centre of the mechanism.

The cartridge is placed on the base.The two wall shells Pivot from the base and surround the cartridge




The compression mechanism is placed in the top of the cartridge and connects to the two wall shells as shown below


As the compression mechanism tightens, the shape of the holder cause it to pull the jacket inwards causing radial pressure at the same time as applying pressure on the ends of the column.

To release the cartridge after use, simply reverse the process and remove the cartridge without any force being required

The design allows 80mm diameter cartridges of different lengths to be accommodated in the same holder. In addition to standard lengths, custom bed depths are available to order thus optimising separations and saving money by not buying unnecessary silica.

For samples that need to be pre-absorbed on silica, the Sample cartridges can be used. These are available with special holders that fit directly on to the JumboFlash holder with a zero dead volume

System Part Numbers
JF0001 Holder for large dimension cartridges (80mm i.d.) Uses both radial and axial compression and allows easy removal of swollen cartridges. Used to purify up to 40g
High Performance
A special patented frit system ensures that the sample is placed uniformly on the column, optimising the conditions for a good separation

Ease of use
A four way valve introduces liquid samples on to the top of the column without the need to stop the pump.
Using EasiSoft software it is possible to scale up directly from separations made with smaller cartridges

The Future
JumboFlash is quickly being developed further. For further details, please register your interest by clicking here We will be pleased to discuss you specific requirements and provide a quotation.

AECS can offer "Total Preparative Solutions™" packages, and can therefore assist you in your choice of the best preparative technology, be it Flash Chromatography, Preparative / Process HPLC, or HSCCC, or even maybe a two / three dimensional combination.

AECS can also offer contract method development or final product preparation to non-GMP or GMP standards



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