This graphic summarizes the experimental conditions used for this separation. The flow rate was 2ml/min. and the rotation speed was approximately 830 rpm. 4 ml fractions were collected for 'off-line' analysis by tlc.

In this experiment, where the organic phase was the stationary phase, we achieved stationary phase retention of approximately 81%. A, B, C, D and E represent the five different solvent systems used in the step gradient, where methanol varied from 0.1 to 2.5 in the mixture. After 60 fractions ( 240 ml ) were collected, we stopped the rotation and washed out both the mobile and stationary phase retained in the coil, these fractions ( also 4 ml ) were collected until all the stationary phase was washed out and contained the retained compounds inside the coil. The experiment lasted about 3 hours but fast gradients of 10 to 20 minutes are possible with alternate Quattro coil configurations.

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