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 Introduction to use of isocratic biphasic solvent systems in HSCCC

In HSCCC a biphasic liquid / liquid solvent system is used ( See CCC Introduction on Home Page ). The mobile phase may be either the more polar solvent ( reverse phase ) or less polar solvent ( normal phase ) with their respective partner phases as the stationary phase. Indeed it is possible to change from one mode to the other at any stage during a run.

It is often best to do a HSCCC literature review ( See Literature References on Home Page ) to try to find solvent systems, which have been used for similar components to your sample prior to commencing optimization of any HSCCC method.

If none exists a strategy similar to that discussed in the following gradient elution sections should be utilized.

 Slide 1   gives the structure of a variety of bioactive natural product polyphenols, which are then shown in  Slide 2   resolved in a preparative isocratic reverse phase application using a Quattro CCC

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